Bernie Mev is an authentic American success, giving birth to an original and explosive classification of modern footwear. Bernie Mev footwear offer unlimited comfort, creativity, and fashion at afford-able and accessible retail price points.


BM New York created its first shoe line in 1974, after working with Kenneth Cole in El Greco and is the original creator of woven elastic footwear and still the category leader.


In addition to all this excellent properties Bernie Mev has included a memory foam insole that adapts to the shape of your feet making the footwear extremely comfortable and breathable.



It is the unique and ever-evolving tech-nology that provides Bernie Mev an un-paralleled space in the footwear indus-try. A vision of flexibility, comfort, and chic into reality with signature hand wowen elastic uppers and memory foam insoles, catering to all feet.

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