SRI is committed to providing the private sector support with their wide portfolio of International brands of footwear and accessories. As a company, we continue to invest in the future, in understanding the trends and forces that will enable us to shape our business as a long term investment.

Our missionis to work progressively towards fulfilling ongoing market demand and by adding value to our customers through our product knowledge and the availability of our goods.

Our Vision serves as a framework which guides every aspect of our business, by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable and qualitative growth.

One Team. Working as a team, by working towards our common goals.

Integrity. We support the quality of being honest and having strong morals and principals, to practice fairness and maintain the spirit of integrity in every action and words.

People oriented environment. Respect every individual with a similar attitude, irrespective of nationality, by building trust and equality amongst all that is our employees and also customers.

Discover Our Iconic Brands

We represent premium sports and lifestyle brands that are well established in the international market across the Middle East, Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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