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The Beginning

Not so long ago, students just carried schoolbooks in their hands. But one day, some University of Washington students discovered JanSport hiking packs and started using them to keep their books dry in the rain. Then and there the campus daypack was born, soon to be known as the SuperBreak. Since then, JanSport has designed packs, bags and outdoor gear to equip you for great adventures and the kind that happen every day.

The commitment

JanSport is committed to making durable, functional, versatile products you can count on, whether you’re headed into a long day, out with friends or going off the grid. It’s what JanSport has been doing since 1967.

JanSport is with you for Life

All of our bags come with a lifetime warranty. Because good stuff should last. If one of our bags breaks, we’ll replace it or fix it. No questions asked.

Always With You

Everyday needs something a little different, and you never know where you’ll end up, but wherever you go we make sure you bring whatever you need.

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Discover Our Iconic Brands

We represent premium sports and lifestyle brands that are well established in the international market across the Middle East, Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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